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Combining Our Years Of Experience, Our Team Will Help Make Your Stores As Profitable As Possible For A Lifetime. We Focus On Providing Everything You Need To Get Your Business To The Top As Fast As Possible.

We are NOT like anything you have seen before!

Our mission is simple but something unique to our company! 

We build predictable businesses that last lifetimes!

We unlocked the science behind building 6 and 7 figure businesses

To understand how we do this check out all the cool stuff below!

" Is This A True Done For You Program ? "

Yes ! Our team will Handle Everything For You!

  • Once you are signed up you will be granted access to the members-only area.
  • Here all you have to do is fill out a legal form in order to open your business.
  • The filled legal form will be passed on to an accountant who will open the legal side of your business for you.
  • You will receive your cp575 and Federal Employer Identification Number in the mail. 
  • The accountant will then apply your business for State Tax Resale Certificates. 
  • Once you receive these you will be tax exempt and we will set your business up with the suppliers. At this point, you are legally open for business.
  • In the members-only area, you will find the video tutorials that will take you through everything needed to follow for setting up your online stores.
  • We will put your business to work in at least four different marketplaces.
  • We ensure the success of your business by use of diversification. Having stores in multiple marketplaces ensures that you will begin seeing sales quickly. Your business will weather any obstacle due to having multiple streams of income from multiple stores situated in different marketplaces.
  • Your stores will be your business’s source of income and our main goal is to make sure we are successful in your business and multiple store creation as well as protecting their longevity. Each person is only allowed 1 store per marketplace so it is very important that you have a team that is seasoned on your side. 
  • After your business and stores are set up it's go time! You sit back and relax. We will assign your team to manage all of your stores.
  • Your team will have a preselected inventory ready and waiting to be loaded to your stores as soon as they are ready. Items will be added to your stores and sold for you. After an item is sold it will be packaged and shipped straight to the customer and you will get paid! 

You will love what you get from us or your money back!

Want to check out what a done store looks like?!

" Is This Program Right For Me?"

Do You Want To Own A Business That Will 100% Work For You If So You Are In The Right Place!

  • We can set you up with a daily pay-out program so that you can pay your credit card down quickly. Credit card cashback and miles are a huge bonus with this program that allows our clients to travel for free multiple times per year. 
  • Most clients pay the initial investment by acquiring a loan, using a credit card, or paying straight from a bank account. If you need help getting funding please let us know. We have been able to create 100k monthly revenue businesses in a short period of time even if you have little to no credit thanks to our unique financing system. We can help with financing no matter what your credit situation is as long as you have provable income. This program is a great way to help build your credit!
  • This investment is very similar to opening a local retail store. The difference is that this is much easier because you do not need to find a building, employees, run ads, create signs, find customers, stock inventory, etc.
  • This is a hands-off business system. All of the actual work is done for you. Depending on which package you choose, your daily tasks may include checking a few emails, but most importantly ensuring capital is available on your credit/debit cards for purchasing. If your team can not purchase then your business can not grow. 
  • It generally takes about 2 weeks to get your business and store up and running. At this point, we will begin adding products or product hunting (depending on package) and you can expect to see things moving along swiftly. 
    • If you choose, you can be paid directly into your bank on a daily basis. Depending on the marketplace, regular payouts will arrive every other day, weekly, or bi-weekly. When you receive the payout, we recommend replenishing your buying power and then whatever is left over is your profit. 
    • This is a real business. As with all real businesses, there will be ups and downs. You will be a real business owner and must play the part. This is not for everyone. If you can not handle having large amounts of inventory put on your credit/debit card and then paid off then this isn't for you. The rewards of owning one of these businesses are large but so is the responsibility. We will be here every step of the way if you have any questions and we have experienced it all!
    • We offer a money-back guarantee! Your investment is safe with us. We have successfully created many of these businesses and have never seen one fail. We are 100% confident that your investment with us will be a success and you should be too. In order to ease any worries and protect the client’s interest, we offer a full money-back guarantee!
    We Can Bring Insights, Information, And Proven Ecom Solutions That Are Beyond The Skill And Expertise Of A Small Or Mid-Sized E-Commerce Business Owner From Early-Stage Start-Ups To Established Businesses.

    Before we get into the technical stuff I want to tell you the story how E-com Wealth Lab came to be from the owner himself!

    My name is Tucker Capo. I have spent the past 5 years building as a successful entrepreneur! In the beginning I borrowed as much money as I could with a 600 credit score and I invested $75k into opening a few different businesses. I had high hopes and I was so sure that they were going to work that I invested $100k more into inventory but unfortunately it did not play out the way I had hoped and I was stuck. Stuck in debt around $200k with no way out. I knew that I could not give up so I decided to take matters into my own hands
    I began developing my own program. I wanted it to be easy and duplicatable so that I could share it once I had all of the bugs worked out. I had no idea how I was going to do it but I was determined that I would get there. I was not willing to accept defeat! In the beginning I ran everything myself. I did it all! Shipping, customer service, finding products, finances, fulfillment, etc. It was a lot! This was all while working full time, being a good father and husband, and doing home renovations. After a couple of weeks I noticed that my belt was loose when I put my pants on. I got on the scale and I had lost 20 lbs due to the stress! I'm a small guy so this was not good. I went to the doctor and was told that if I did not lower my stress level I would end up in the hospital. This was my wake up call. I figured I probably needed to find a way to automate my business. No, I HAD to find a way to automate my business! There was no other option
    This is when I began building the team that runs my stores and brought them into action. They handle everything. It was a godsend and exactly what I needed. They began handling all of the hard stuff like products, suppliers, customer service, shipping, returns, etc. Everything! I got my life back. I was able to focus on my family, my full time job, and had extra free time for the first time in years. Oh and the money. Yeah it came in. And kept coming in. With many people running the store instead of just me it was able to experience extreme growth. I was able to pay off all of my debt so now it is all profit and that brings us to current day. We have grown and now have over a hundred people on our team. We are very seasoned and successful at turning our clients investment into a life changing 6-7 figure business in a short period of time.
    We would love for you to be our next success story!

    What You Can Expect

    We Work to Bring You the Best ROI
    We aim to return your initial investment back to you in full during the first 6-12 months depending on the package you choose. After this, your earning potential is considered infinite. The average ROI is 10-40% monthly but this is a real business and as with any business your earnings will fluctuate.
    We Know How to Turn the Game Profitable 
    The goal of our company is not to create a small side income for our clients. We build businesses that scale quickly, stand the test of time, and create generational wealth by using the concept of multiple streams of high ROI income. Most of our clients either quit their normal jobs or go to part time once they see how well their new business is doing.
    We Work to Boost Your Sales Revenue
    Our goal and our normal average for businesses that we have opened is to have your business doing $100k sales revenue per month at around 6 months. You will be billed each month for a percentage of your profit for running your store. This gives your team incentive to make your store as profitable as possible because they make more if you make more. Your team will give you access to your business’s sales sheet which will keep track of earnings, ROI, etc.
    We Help You Earn More in Different Ways
    Putting your business to work in multiple marketplaces creates multiple streams of income and guarantees that you will always have cash flow. If at any point you decide you do not want to participate anymore you have a couple of options. You can sell your business as a running profitable business at open market value or you can simply sell your store seller account by itself. The value varies widely depending on the age of the account and the amount of feedback.
    We Only Use Proven Strategies.
    All of the tips and tricks that we use to keep our stores well ahead of the pack will be put to use in your stores. We are the leading professionals when it comes to scaling an ecommerce business. We are well seasoned and very good at what we do!
    We Only Accept Qualified Applicants.
    Your investment is safe with us. We have successfully created many of these businesses and have never seen one fail. We are 100% confident that your investment with us will be a success and you should be too. In order to ease any worries and protect the clients’ interest, we offer a full money-back guarantee!

    What Are The Store Options!


    FBM - With this package our main goal is getting your business and stores set up for you quickly so that your cash flow can begin. At this point we will set up your personal team to run all of your stores.  You will have a US based account manager that you can talk with at any time.  This model requires less capital and begins earning very quickly. If you have any questions you can ask your account manager through messenger 24/7 and get an immediate response. We will handle everything from a-z. Please schedule a call or full details!


    With this package we will handle absolutely everything and we will be your first and only point of contact. You will have a US based account manager that you can talk with at any time. Your inventory will be stored in house at our warehouse. After setup, you will not need to spend time on a daily basis tending to your store. We will build your businesses private label trademark into an empire in a very short period of time. This model grows more slowly in the beginning and requires more capital but has a much larger value if sold after becoming established (1-1.5 year) and holds more promise of easy longevity. Please schedule a call for full details!

    Ready to Talk To The Team!?

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    Disclaimer: Examples are not a promise nor are they a guarantee of earnings. As with all businesses your experience with your business will be unique and every person will have different earnings and experiences due to many contributing factors. The examples seen are from past businesses that are now well established. Results may vary and depend on a number of factors, some of which are unforseen. and Ecom Wealth Lab Inc are not a part of nor are they endorsed by Amazon or Facebook in any way.